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KAMSA NY/NJ is the founding chapter of KAMSA. The NYC chapter recently combined with NJ to become a dual-state chapter to encompass more like-minded individuals! 

KAMSA NY/NJ has hosted several events such as Dinner with Attendings and Research Panel, and has participated in numerous community events including the Annual Korean Health Festival at the Holy Name Medical Center, the Eye Camp by Vision Care USA, and the Medical Career Seminar hosted by AKAM.


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Joseph Yi 20-21.JPG

Joseph Yi


Graduating Class2023

Specialty: Plastic Surgery / Ophthalmology

Fun Fact: I can breakdance


Seung Mi Oh

Vice President

Graduating Class2022

Specialty: Anesthesiology

Fun Fact: I can quote lines from the show FRIENDS; and also fix medical equipment


Andrew Kwok

Vice President

Graduating Class: 2024

Specialty: Undecided

Fun Fact: I love ekphrasis poetry!


Christin Hong


Graduating Class2022

Specialty: Internal Medicine/Cardiology

Fun Fact: I spent a month in the Himalayan mountains serving on medical missions and hiking throughout Northern India

IMG_1900 - Jennifer Kim.JPG

Jennifer Kim

Event Chair

Graduating Class2022

Specialty: Pediatrics

Fun Fact: I love crafting people's birthday cards from scratch instead of using store-bought ones!

20191031_024758 - Sam Oh.jpg

Samuel Oh


Graduating Class: 2022

Specialty: ENT/Anesthesia

Fun Fact: Expert at Dance Dance Revolution

Headshot Passport Photo 2 by 2 - Joseph

Joseph, Han

Mentorship Chair

Graduating Class2022

Specialty: Dermatology/Rheumatology

Fun Fact: I love playing soccer and snowboarding

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