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KAMSA of GA is composed of students from all 5 medical schools in Georgia: Medical College of Georgia, Emory, Mercer, PCOM, and Morehouse. Since our chapter was founded, we have continued to cultivate a supportive community for medical students.  With this in mind, KAMSA of GA has held events including networking events with Korean physicians, holiday potlucks, volunteering events, pre-medical forums, and scholarship opportunities for our membership



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handsome dr jay kwon2.0.jpg

Jay Kwon


Graduating Class2021

Specialty: Pediatrics

Fun Fact: I play Rocket League!

Lee_Azalea - Azalea Lee.jpeg

Azalea Lee


Graduating Class4th Year MD/PhD (2025)

Specialty: Child Neurology

Fun Fact: I'm terribly afraid of heights but really want to paraglide! My wifi network name has been Paraglider for about a decade now but still yet to check paragliding off my bucket list.

IMG_4090 - Christy Lee.JPG

Christy Lee

Vice President

Graduating Class: 2023

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Fun Fact: I like playing golf!

Headshot - Sally Jung.jpg

Sally Jung


Graduating Class: 2023

Specialty: N/A

Fun Fact: I used to be a dog-walker in New York City!

Headshot - Yooree Grace Chung.JPG

Grace Chung


Graduating Class2026 (MD/PhD)

Specialty: Ophthomology

Fun Fact: Have an aussiedoodle named Maru!

IMG_0359 - Eunice Shin.png

Eunice Shin

Pre-Med Chair

Graduating Class: 2023

Specialty: Surgery

Fun Fact: I almost caught J-Hope's water bottle during a BTS concert :')

Daniel Lee 20-21.png

Daniel Lee

Senior Advisor

Graduating Class2022

Specialty: Ophthalmology/Pediatrics

Fun Fact: I snowboarded down a volcano once while backpacking through Central America

white coat.jpg

Hyungyu Lee

Emory Campus Chair

Graduating Class2027

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Infectious disease

Fun Fact: I can do card tricks!

169B65FC-3E84-4BF3-8DCC-5ED95E0C73E3 - A

Angela Shin

MCG Campus Representative

Graduating Class2024

Specialty: Pediatrics/Neonatal

Fun Fact: I am a great cook and obsessed with espresso

IMG_7946e - YooJin Joung.jpg

Yoo Jin Joung

School Representative

Graduating Class2023

Specialty: Surgery

Fun FactI like woodcarving

Esther Ro.png

Esther Ro

Mercer Campus Representative

Graduating Class2022

Specialty: Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Fun Fact: I used to be a girl scout!


Ji Hoon Choi

PCOM Representative

Graduating Class2024

Specialty: Emergency Medicine?

Fun Fact: I sweat profusely when I eat spicy food.

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