Start a Chapter

How to Start a Chapter

1) Make sure that there is no pre-existing KAMSA chapter in your region.

2) Form a leadership board for your regional chapter. The structure and the positions of your leadership board are up to you and your chapter.

3) Email with the following information:

  • Name of your regional chapter

  • Name(s), position(s), and medical school(s) of the board members

  • Medical schools involved in your regional chapter

  • Estimated number of KAMSA members in your regional chapter

  • At least one event your chapter is planning to host (or has hosted)

4) Recruit members and host events.

5) Keep the KAMSA National Board updated with your regional chapter's news and events.

Chapter Requirements

  • A leadership board with at least 3 board members

  • At least one event per semester (social, academic, community service, etc.)

  • An SNS platform - preferably a facebook group or page

  • Active communication with the KAMSA National Board

    • Provide updates ​of your chapter

    • Help deliver announcements to the members of your regional chapter

  • Facebook
  • Instagram